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Summer Anime week 1 episode 3 Recap Review


Three episodes in and the series are well underway. So here is an updated review now that the new series have had time to settle in.

All reviews avoided as best as possible.

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A moment of silence


Malaysia airlines has lost another jet. 
Shot down, over the Ukraine. 

This is the second jet they have lost to perhaps ‘terrorists’ 
Which the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, earlier this year, and now the loss of another. Similar jet. 

All 295 passengers on board were killed. 

I’d like to take a moment, to give my thoughts, and hope to the families, in both tragedies. 

Please join me. 

Summer Anime Late Comers Episode 1 Review

As normal there are some series late to the season. Less then there was last season but they are still here. We still have a rather sparse mid week line up but at least we have plenty to watch over the weekend.

Spoilers avoided to the best of my ability.

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Summer Anime Episode 1 Review


Summer is here for the northern hemisphere bringing with it a new bunch of anime for us all to indulge in. Along with it comes long awaited second series for shows like Free! and Sword Art Online, as well Sailor Moon Crystal. 
This leaves it as a rough time for the anime trying to make their debut, so here is a quick review of some of the anime coming out this season.

Spoilers are avoided as best as possible.

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Anime Rec: Kokoro Connect


Genre: School, Supernatural


Five first years, Yoshifumi Aoki, Yui Kiriyama,, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba and Taichi Yaegashi, unable to choose another club to join up to make the Cultural Research Club. Suddenly their lives are over turned as they are effected by a strange phenomenon causing them to randomly switch bodies.

The simple plot idea behind Kokoro Connect is one that can easily trick an expecting watcher to believe it shall just be a light comedy full of silly antics. Having not done any proper into the research this reviewer can be counted as one of them. As we learn more about the characters, and them more about each other, it soon become obvious that this easily silly plot idea has been used in a brilliant way to explore characters and the issues they carry.


The comedy side of the series isn’t thrown to the wayside for the drama that comes from people’s lives but it also isn’t forced. Like many people the characters share a range of different backgrounds and issues. Together they try to help each other deal with these, aided by the realisations that the strange phenomenons cause. Like most people the characters are still far from perfect and sometimes do create actions which are sometimes less then helpful to each other helping create a realism to the series that can sometimes hit close to home. 

The series is great for anyone who likes character based story-lines and introspection.Some warnings have to be given as it does deal with emotional issues and refers to sexual assault. Over all the series was a wonderful watch, slightly addictive, and has one of the most mature handling of a “love triangle” I have ever seen. 

Rating: 9

Availability:  Subbed and Dubbed

Release Year: 2011

Spring Season Wrap Up Review


Spring season has ended and the Summer anime has already burst onto our screens. So while I wait for all the first episodes to come out here is a wrap up review of the series I continued watching. 
Once again done with as little spoilers as possible.

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RIP Bundeluk.

You were a wonderful person, a great artist, friend to many people and dogs in the community, and a staple of the local community. You and your presence shall be greatly missed.