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Thor we need to talk to you about your hair.

Spring Second Week Episode 1 Anime Reviews


Here are the reviews for a set of anime that came out this week.

Major spoilers are avoided.

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Advice Request

I have been doing movie reviews on and off for awhile now when I get around to seeing movies and recently started doing reviews of some of the new anime that has been coming out. 

I frankly have no idea if my reviews are decent or utter garbage. So this is a request for helpful criticism and suggestions. 

What do you think I shouldn’t do?
What do you think I don’t do enough of?
What should I do differently?
What needs to be improved?
Any other area of suggestion is also welcome along with is posting a 3rd episode recap of the anime shows a good idea?

Spring First Week Episode 1 Anime Reviews


I’m having a go at reviewing some anime I’m watching this season. Reviews are under the cut and sorry if it is pathetic.
Major spoilers are avoided.

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